Sunday, January 20, 2013


Last night some friends and I took a little trip to Austin, Texas to see one of my favorite newly-discovered artists, Ed Sheeran. Austin is my favorite city in Texas, being "The Live Music Capitol of the World" and all, naturally I'm obsessed, so when I found out Ed Sheeran was playing, I just had to go!

It's really refreshing because Ed is one of the most authentic musicians I've ever heard and I feel like that's really hard to find these days, especially in pop music. His style is basically acoustic pop/soul with hints of rap (looking at him you would never believe it) and he writes/co-writes all of his songs, which is awesome because they're personal yet totally relatable and really clever. This particular show consisted of him, his guitar, and a loop pedal, no band, no auto-tune or anything, and that's what I love about him as an artist and a performer: it's all real and it's all him. It kind of reminded me of a John Mayer show because of the extended songs and guitar riffs and skatting, but it all flowed perfectly and was never too much. He started with my personal favorite "Give Me Love" and finished the show with his Grammy-nominated "The A-Team," and in between were favorites like Drunk, Kiss Me, Lego House, Small Bump, and even a couple cover songs. It was perfect. He is 100% a natural performer and really made the crowd feel like they were part of his gig, which I think is part of his charm (along with his incredible gift, of course). Seeing Ed Sheeran live for the first time was amazing and I can't wait to see him again when he goes on tour with Taylor Swift!
photo via Ed Sheeran's Instagram

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