Friday, December 21, 2012


So this fall I had the incredible opportunity to intern with the A&R department of Syco Entertainment at Sony Music for The X Factor USA. The show provides such a great opportunity for singers that they might not have ever gotten otherwise and that's why I love it. The second season's finale was tonight and the winner, Tate Stevens, is a wildly talented country singer and I'm excited to hear his debut album. I literally cannot wait until all of these amazing newcomers start releasing originals! Since the first time I saw their auditions, my favorites have been Emblem Three and Carly Rose Sonenclar. I was blown away by their auditions and after they aired I think everyone knew they were going to be stars. 
I mean Carly's voice... Not just for a 13-year-old but for a singer of any age, I can't even explain how incredible it is. As Demi said, she's an alien and every time she got on that stage I was absolutely blown away. 
Every act on the show had such incredible talent and it was so amazing to watch each of them truly living out their dreams and see them grow week after week. Toward the end of the competition, the girl group, Fifth Harmony, really started to stand out and come together to put on these incredible, fun, girly performances. If you haven't seen their rendition of Ellie Goulding's "Anything Could Happen" then you NEED to check it out! The girls are so sweet and down to earth and that's what makes me love them even more, along with the fact that Ally Brooke is from my hometown San Antonio ;) 
Anyway, I don't know how many of you watched the show live but if you didn't, make sure you watch the performances back on The X Factor USA's YouTube channel!
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Music Tuesday

My favorite day of the week! Okay so last week Timeflies came out with their EP One Night and it's awesome. I hadn't really listened to them much before, but I'm glad I came across this album because it's so fun. They have such an awesome style; it's a mix between rap, pop, electro, hip-hop, and dance and they totally pull off the combo. My favorite song on the album is Swoon, it's been on repeat like nonstop. Check them out!

On to today... Two albums came out that I'm already obsessed with. If you know me, you know that I love Ke$ha, and her second album Warrior came out today so obviously I've been singing and dancing and throwing glitter everywhere all day. Crazy Kids, C'Mon, Out Alive, yes please. No, this isn't Grammy material but who cares, it's FUN. It's still got the same rowdy Ke$ha lyrics (just listen to Gold Trans Am ha) and has a lot of the same upbeat pop tracks, but they threw some 70s rock in there which is cool. Can she just have a party concert now please?

GAVIN DEGRAW. Thank you for Sweeter (Live). We all know "I Don't Wanna Be" aka the One Tree Hill theme song...and I love this album because the recording makes it sound like you are in the room with him, and his voice + the backing band is incredible. Perfection: Sweeter, Follow Through, Chariot, Not Over You.
Wiz Khalifa's fourth album O.N.I.F.C. also came out today and "Remember You" featuring The Weeknd is killerr.

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Miss Amerika

Next to music, my equally favorite type of art is style. And yes, it is totally an art. Style is each person's own creation and I find it so interesting to see how people make it unique to them. Especially living in Los Angeles, I see so many different people and so many cool styles that inspire me to branch out and add things to my wardrobe that I probably wouldn't have before. My favorite trend right now is patterned jeans and leggings, they're SO much fun. Last month I found these incredible stars and stripes leggings at Covenant on Melrose and immediately fell in love and wanted to wear them every day. It seems like everyone out here is loving the galaxy print, skulls, and floral prints and I have to say I'm obsessed, too. Better get yourself some of these lovely patterned pants!
Stars & stripes leggings here

Starry Night: Space leggings here

Skull leggings here

xx natalie

All rights go to the original owners of these pictures and videos.