Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Music Tuesday

My favorite day of the week! Okay so last week Timeflies came out with their EP One Night and it's awesome. I hadn't really listened to them much before, but I'm glad I came across this album because it's so fun. They have such an awesome style; it's a mix between rap, pop, electro, hip-hop, and dance and they totally pull off the combo. My favorite song on the album is Swoon, it's been on repeat like nonstop. Check them out!

On to today... Two albums came out that I'm already obsessed with. If you know me, you know that I love Ke$ha, and her second album Warrior came out today so obviously I've been singing and dancing and throwing glitter everywhere all day. Crazy Kids, C'Mon, Out Alive, yes please. No, this isn't Grammy material but who cares, it's FUN. It's still got the same rowdy Ke$ha lyrics (just listen to Gold Trans Am ha) and has a lot of the same upbeat pop tracks, but they threw some 70s rock in there which is cool. Can she just have a party concert now please?

GAVIN DEGRAW. Thank you for Sweeter (Live). We all know "I Don't Wanna Be" aka the One Tree Hill theme song...and I love this album because the recording makes it sound like you are in the room with him, and his voice + the backing band is incredible. Perfection: Sweeter, Follow Through, Chariot, Not Over You.
Wiz Khalifa's fourth album O.N.I.F.C. also came out today and "Remember You" featuring The Weeknd is killerr.

xx natalie

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