Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Miss Amerika

Next to music, my equally favorite type of art is style. And yes, it is totally an art. Style is each person's own creation and I find it so interesting to see how people make it unique to them. Especially living in Los Angeles, I see so many different people and so many cool styles that inspire me to branch out and add things to my wardrobe that I probably wouldn't have before. My favorite trend right now is patterned jeans and leggings, they're SO much fun. Last month I found these incredible stars and stripes leggings at Covenant on Melrose and immediately fell in love and wanted to wear them every day. It seems like everyone out here is loving the galaxy print, skulls, and floral prints and I have to say I'm obsessed, too. Better get yourself some of these lovely patterned pants!
Stars & stripes leggings here

Starry Night: Space leggings here

Skull leggings here

xx natalie

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