Sunday, October 20, 2013

Art Imitating Lifestyle

I was recently introduced to this amazing group of pop culture artists called The Oliver Gal Artist Co. Their prints are amazing and, being as obsessed with pop culture and fashion that I am, I pretty much want every piece in my house NOW. The collections are taken from very avant garde and upscale lifestyles but are also bright and trendy, which I love. You'll see inspiration from high fashion and couture, city maps from the 1800s and on, champagne and spirits, old blueprints, rock n' roll, life quotes, worldwide travel, film and television (even Breaking Bad!), and so much more. It's such a wide collection that there's a piece for every personality and that's the coolest part about it. If you have an appreciation for good music check out London Rock N' Roll under D├ęcor Trends, go Abstract for a pop of texture and color, if you're into Paris fashion check out Fashion Vol. IV, Warhol-lovers drool over the Pop Art section, for world travel explore Metropolitana under Industrial & Urban, and there's even a Celebrity Mugshots collection if you're feeling bold!
It was so hard to choose favorites but here are mine:
Check out and paint your walls with Oliver Gal :)
xx natalie

All rights go Oliver Gal.

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